Copts In Egypt


Christian Arabs? Plight: Foreign ?Protection? Counterproductive

Suddenly, the U. S. - European alliance is acting to protect the ?existence? of the Christian Arab minority against the Muslim Arab majority whose very existence is besieged and threatened

A brave voice

It was brave of Georgette Qillini to challenge the worn-out practices of the National Democratic Party (NDP) during the debate on Nagaa Hammadi. Despite attempts by the NDP majority to

Forging a national identity

The exact number of Copts is still considered classified information by Egypt. However, Coptic sources estimate that they are between 15 and 20 per cent of Egypt's 80 million people.

Beltagy: Muslim Brotherhood object to sectarian prejudice.

Dr Mohamed Beltagy from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc stressed that the movements' attendance of the "Sectarian Prejudice" symposium held recently was a bold statement of the group's stance.

Who Killed the Egyptians on their Feast Day?

In 1923 a committee was formed to draw up the first Egyptian constitution, but the Wafd (the majority party at the time) announced it would boycott the committee because it

Pope Shenouda’s legal advisor calls for a release warrant to be issued for the arrest

Activists have filed appeals to General prosecutor Abdul Mageed Mahmoud demanding an investigation in the escalating incidents which have been developing targeting the Copts.

Egypt Copts sound alarm over Islamist advance

Egypt’s Christian Coptic minority voiced concern over the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood Monday, after the still illegal Islamist opposition group made impressive gains in parliamentary elections.