Corruption In Egypt


Egypt: Parliamentary interrogation of government neglect during disasters.

MB MP Hamdi Hassan accused the NDP ruling party of mismanagement and carelessness. The deputy highlighted the governments continued mismanagement of resources and squandering of public funds.

Fierce confrontation between MB MP’s and Parliament’s committees

The Parliament's committees will witness next week numerous interrogations questioning corruption, wasting of public funds and the reasons behind the increase in the rate of unemployment.

Bayoumi criticizes attempts of selling Egypt’s assets

Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing

Observatory report reveals that MB MPs battled corruption more than any other group.

A report issued by the Public Funds Defense Unit in the United Group (Lawyers and Legal Advisers) revealed that in 13 governorates the sum of money lost between the period

Al Ahram Releases Study on Corruption in Egypt

A recent report by the Al Ahram Center for Strategic Studies showed that a high portion of Egyptians believe that the recent rise in commodity prices is a manifestation of

Upcoming Parliamentary confrontations to open files of governmental negligence

The Committee of Economic Affairs will be witnessing a fierce confrontation between MPs Yahya Al-Mesiri, Dr. Mohamed Fadl, Dr. Abdel Hamid Zaghloul and the government on its negligence in the

Blog of the week: Practice what you preach

As the saying goes: “practice what you preach for” and we do not wish that our authoritarian and racist government or our police state could in any day feel ashamed

Cairo: Engineer’s question the squandering of the impounded Engineer’s Syndicate’s money.

Engineer's in Cairo filed reports to the Prosecutor general objecting to the millions of pounds wasted as a result of the sequestration imposed on the Engineer's syndicate which has lasted

Mokhtar holds government responsible for incidents in Hagana farm

Essam Mokhtar, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, has welcomed the government's decision to terminate the demolition of Hagana Farm. He considered the decision as a positive measure to alleviate

Dr. Ashraf “Our case is like an old Arabic Movie

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar, Vice-Secretary-General of Egypt’s Doctors Syndicate and Rapporteur of the Human Relief Agency has lived a life full of research, learning, work and travel. The Security Services