Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution Verdicts of 29 Innocent Egyptians by Military Court

The unjust military court sentences issued Monday in Alexandria and Ismailia, which condemned to death 29 innocent civilians, who had been kidnapped and subjected to forced disappearance and then had

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Freedom, Dignity, Social Justice’ Protest Week

Egypt's Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance urges all patriotic citizens to join Friday's protest marches across the country to demand an end to the illegitimate coup and reinstatement of the elected

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Victims of Egypt Air Plane Crash

Egypt is deeply shocked at Egypt Air plane crash Thursday and the loss of life of all passengers and crew. This is the third incident of its kind in less

Eighty-Eight Years On, Muslim Brotherhood Stands Steadfast As Ever – for Freedom, Reform

Eighty-eight years have passed since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood on March 22, 1928 at the hands of Imam Hassan Al-Banna. The group started amidst major historical and political

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Statement on Deaths in Detention

Mohamed Montaser, the Muslim Brotherhood's young spokesman, issues a statement assuring that the martyr's blood shall defeat the forces of the evil, fascist junta.

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: Popular Anger Protest Wave to Continue Until February 11

The pro-democracy wide-based coalition in Egypt urges all citizens to persist in the ongoing peaceful protest wave until the anniversary of ousting Mubarak.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Hails Parliamentarians Conference in Istanbul

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council in exile issues a statement praising legitimate lawmakers' meeting and press conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Junta Court Death Sentences Monday

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement in which it denounced the kangaroo court that condemned 683 people to death in one fell swoop Monday, after sentencing 529 to death

Freedom and Justice Party: Military Rule Injustice, Repression Will Speed Junta Downfall

The FJP condemns Monday's mass death sentences, which – far from justice and due process – amount to a barely-disguised cold-blooded massacre of innocent critics of the military junta's regime.

FJP Leader Erian Tribute to Egypt Christians Republished

As Egypt’s Copts celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on ‘Hosanna Sunday’ (April 28), and prepare for the Passion Week starting April 29, FJP deputy chief Erian wishes all