Coup Regime


Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Terrorist Attack on Marmina Church

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the terrorist attack on  Marmina Church in Helwan, south of Cairo, which took place today [Friday, December 29, 2017], despite the announcement by the military

Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Heinous Sinai Attack

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that targeted the al-Rawdah mosque in the city of Bir Al Abed in Sinai, which killed and wounded hundreds

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Talaat Fahmi: Our Hands are Open; Homeland Interests Above All

Excerpts from interview with Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman with Al Arabi TV: -The Muslim Brotherhood has neither been fragmented nor divided in any way. The group stands united as one,

Message from Muslim Brotherhood Leader Dr Mohamed Abdel-Rahman to Members and Supporters

To all members of the Muslim Brotherhood… Our pledge and mission – our "brotherhood in God" compels us to move to support our brothers and our leaders, and to go

Ashraf Kazaz Extrajudicial Killing a Brutal Atrocity Added to Repressive Coup Regime Criminal Record

Lawless executions by the coup regime\’s interior ministry, the most recent of which was the murder of young Ashraf Kazaz in a gangland-style operation, are brutal crimes added to the

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Urges Action to Save Egypt

The foolish policies currently followed by the treacherous military coup commanders, and their disregard for the extremely difficult living conditions of the people, have reached a dangerous level that threatens

More Executions by Unjust Judicial System

The #StopExecutions (#إعدام_إنسان) campaign monitors death sentences issued by the judicial authority in Egypt, and endeavors to stop executions in the current turbulent political stage, especially those ordered by the

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Extrajudicial Murder of Guidance Bureau Member by Military Junta

We got the message you told by the assassination of Dr Mohamed Kamal, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau; and Dr Yasser Shehata, thinking you can terrorize or make

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Unwarranted Arrest of Mohamed Kamal by Coup Security Apparatus

As the junta’s relentless campaign of yet more repression and persecution targeting leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group today received the news of the arrest of Dr

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Poor’s Rage” Week of Peaceful Protest

Egypt's pro-democracy nationwide Alliance urges all the people to unite and face up to the ruinous coup and the failures and crises it caused.