Crimes Against Humanity


HRM Denounces Arrest and Arbitrary Detention of Mrs Manal El-Shamy With Three of Her Children

Human Rights Monitor (HRM) submitted a complaint to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarding the arrest of a mother and three of her children from their house at

International Legal Team to Present Initial Findings of Crimes Against Humanity Perpetrated by Egyptian Regime

Below is a statement from the legal team: Members of the press are invited to attend a press conference to be held at 12 noon on Saturday 16th November 2013

UN report reveals Israel violated laws in flotilla raid last May

A UN Human Rights Council investigation into the deadly Israeli massacre against international activists on board the Freedom Flotilla said in report released on Wednesday that there is “clear evidence”

NGO accuses Israel of violations against underage detainees

The Defense for Children International (DCI) has accused the Israeli Shin Bet security service of committing violations against Palestinian juveniles in detention, highlighting the force’s harsh treatment against suspects in

Israeli troops wipe out entire Arab village off the map

Thousands of Israeli soldiers besieged the Arab village of Arakib in the Negev desert as Israeli municipal teams bulldozed the entire village off the map.

Alkarama Report: European States confronted with Impunity

In the face of ongoing impunity across the Arab World, Alkarama has published a detailed report on how to use universal jurisdiction in Europe to prosecute those responsible for torture,

The Wiesenthal Center

The Wiesenthal Center is notorious for its pro-Israeli propaganda. It publishes flagrant lies, exaggerations and half-truths which are often presented as “academic and objective facts.”

February 16, reviewing the lawsuit on terminating the constructer of the steel wall

The Administrative Judicial Court, Headed by Councelor Adel Farghali decided to review the lawsuit to terminate and abolish the decision of constructing the steel wall and the closure of Rafah

With Blair-Bush Lies, Muslims Died

From the Native Americans, North and South, to Africans, Arabs, Muslims, Asians, and the Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, their lives, history, religion, culture and language were fodder for