Criminal Court


Students March for Freedom Despite Police State Repression

Protests erupted across Egypt’s universities and college campuses despite the crackdown by coupe regime police forces, and the arrests of dozens of students’ activists. The Muslim Brotherhood hailed the students'

Rights Organization Denounces Deaths in Egypt Prisons, Police Stations

Alkarama for human rights documents four fresh deaths in detention in 48 hours after interior minister statements about new prison regulations and most absurd claims of 5-star prisoner treatment.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Azzam Tamimi: Yemen Takeover Counter-Revolution

Brotherhood UK leader Azzam Tamimi says Shia Houthis' power-grab in Yemen is part of the counter revolution in the country, which hides the hands of enemies of the Arab Spring

Heshmat: Foreign Ministry Sunday Explosion Al-Sisi Job to Win Western Support

Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Heshmat accuses military junta of setting up Sunday explosion incident to justify Western intervention against Islamists in Egypt and the whole region.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Presser Condemns Criminal Bombings in Egypt

Strictly committed to non-violence, Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup groups and parties lays responsibility for Sunday's reported blasts on the ruling military junta.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Re-Structuring to Accommodate New, Revolutionary Youth Leaders

Egypt's broadbased anti-coup coalition begins rejuvenation endeavors to better face up to the repression of the ruling military junta, with the help of young revolutionary leaders.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie: One Death Sentence, 76 Years Prison Terms, 34 Cases Under Investigation

An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced to life imprisonment (25 years) Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie in the fabricated so-called 'Al-Bahr Al-Azam clashes' case, without hearing defense or witnesses.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Mourns Ahrar al Sham Movement Leaders

Egypt's broadbased anti-coup coalition consoles the Syrian people for the loss of a group of Ahrar al Sham leaders who fought bravely against the Syrian regime's brutality and oppression and

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Hussein: No Safe Exit for Coup Criminals, Collaborators

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein affirms the group reiterates commitment to escalating revolutionary defiance until victory and to its peaceful approach, and accepts no alternatives to those strategic choices.

President Morsi Defense Source: New Farcical Lawsuit Fabricated, Politicized

Another trumped-up charge is added to the list of farcical trials facing the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi, in yet another desperate junta attempt to tarnish his image.