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Legitimate President Morsi’s Family Receives Consolation from Political Leaders for Father-in-Law Death

A number of world leaders, politicians and friends send their heartfelt condolences to President Morsi's family for the death of his wife (Naglaa)'s father, who passed away Friday.

Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms Issues August 2014 Fair Trial Violations Report

The Egyptian Observatory of Rights and Freedoms is an independent non-governmental organization that monitors and documents rights violations in Egypt, in cooperation with local and international bodies and institutions.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie Steadfast Despite Military Junta Injustice

Sentenced to life in prison, for a trumped up crime, Brotherhood Chairman Badie and similarly convicted Islamist leaders chant "Down with junta injustice".

Beltagy Family Conveys Condolences to Honorable Leftist Seif Al-Islam’s Family

Mourning the loss of their own young daughter a year ago in the Rabaa Square violent break-up by military coup forces, Beltagy's family condoles with the family of leftist icon

Muslim Brotherhood Hails People of Gaza Victory

The Muslim Brotherhood issues a special congratulatory statement hailing Gaza's resilience and perseverance which led to a promising long-term peace truce.

Assiut Muslim Brotherhood Denies Connections to Any Acts of Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood in Assiut accuses military junta of neglecting the province's security needs, exposing all citizens to deadly dangers.

Independence of the Judiciary Front: Public Prosecutor Ignores Junta Eavesdropping Crimes

No Privacy in Egypt is the new junta motto as they place State Police officers in broadcasting corporations to illegally air private conversations secretly taped from Egyptians' phones.

PRESS RELEASE: A Year Since Rabaa Massacre

August the 14th, 2014 marks the first anniversary of the the world's worst massacre in modern history.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Demands Fair Retribution for All Revolution Martyrs

Egypt's broad-based nationwide anti-coup coalition calls on army to leave political arena and allow justice to exact prompt retribution for junta victims.

Freedom and Justice Party Spokesman: Disbanding Decision Intensely Politicized

The FJP vows to persist in the peaceful fight for Egypt despite an illegitimate ruling to dissolve the most democratically dominant party in the country.