Criminal Court


Justice subverted: 7th session of MB leaders before military courts

Arab Commission has followed with grave concern the obstacles concerning the military tribunal of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the renowned case known as No. 963 of 2006 Criminal Court

Muslim Brotherhood defense lawyers work hard filing appeals, contesting orders and challenging decisions against the

The defense team for the Muslim Brotherhood movement has filed appeals challenging the verdict to rearrest the 6 remaining members in case 4916 of 2009 known in the media as

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Impeaching Israeli Leaders Over Gaza War Crimes

War Criminals Must Not Be Allowed To Escape With Their Crimes To all those concerned with justice and humanitarianism To all the legalists of the free and Islamic worlds To

Profiles of Some of MB Members Referred to Militarily Courts

President Mubarak’s decision, as a military governor, of transferring the case of the Muslim Brotherhood No. 963 of the year 2006 to a military court after the Criminal Court acquitted

Journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin Suffers Slipped Disc in Prison

Journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin, the editor-in-chief of the Egyptian Al Shaab newspaper and Kuwaiti Al-Mujtamaa magazine had a slipped disc inside Tora prison . 

Court Cancels Disciplinary Penalties Against MB Students

Qina’ s Administrative Court cancelled the unjust penalties of the disciplinary board at Ganoub Al-Wadi University against Muslim Brotherhood students who were dismissed and denied access to first term exams,