Ghozlan to The Guardian: We are Not Against Creativity; Culture Minister Faces Mubarak Elite

Having suffered oppression at the hands of successive regimes for decades, the Muslim Brotherhood vows to never suppress artistic or creative talents.

Minister of Culture: We Support Cultural Revolution, All Arts and Creativity

Egypt’s new Culture Minister rejects intellectual terrorism and moral assassination; and supports a cultural revolution that provides all forms of art and creativity.

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Censorship on Creativity, Has Clear Vision on Art and Politics

Heated confrontation at Dar El-Hilal (publishing house) symposium on Culture and Art in Muslim Brotherhood Thought, as Islamist and leftist intellectuals debate the Brotherhood’s cultural vision.

Revolution, Rejuvenation and Renaissance – Between Egypt and Japan

Today, Egypt is moving forth through the "revolution", to help herself to real "renaissance" that she missed as she lumbered slowly on a long and winding road of failed modernization

FJP Program on Cultural and Media Leadership, 2011

Culture of a society is based on its moral identity, to which the people belong. Islamic culture is the main factor in shaping the human mind and conscience in Egypt,

How is Islam the Solution?: Constitutional Visions of Contemporary Islamists

Kristen Stilt, How is Islam the Solution?: Constitutional Visions of Contemporary Islamists (May 20, 2010). Texas International Law Journal, Forthcoming; Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 10-22. Available at SSRN

What Islam is all about.

Dalia Mogahed talks to Gihan Shahine about bridging the gap between the US and the Muslim world.

Egyptian Dr. Halafawy among 500 of the world’s most influential Muslims.

In an exclusive interview nominee for 500 of the world's most influential Muslims Egyptian Dr. Jehan Halafawy stresses the importance of women's role in the political and Islamic arena.

Did Not I tell You !!??

As I have expected MBs in the parliament are rejecting and fighting Beyonce concert in Port Ghalib this weekend reopening a debate about raising similar issues in the parliament.

“Culture Should Not Be Restricted to the West”

The Louvre has just signed a lucrative million-euro deal with Abu Dhabi. Critics in France fear a "sell-out" of French culture. In this interview with Lewis Gropp, Rose Issa, independent