Dakahlia Martyrs of Manassah Massacre by Military Coup Forces 3 Years Ago

The stories of three young Egyptians killed – along with more than a 100 other peaceful protesters – by junta forces in the horrific Manassah (Podium) massacre on July 27,

Deliberate Medical Neglect Threatens 16-Year Old Detainee’s Life in Coup Police Station

The family of Dakahlia's youngest detainee calls upon all authorities and rights organizations to help their ill son get essential medical treatment as his health deteriorates in squalid conditions unfit

Young Hamza Starts Hunger Strike in Dakahlia, After Torture, Medical Neglect

A high-school age boy starts a hunger strike in an Egyptian police station after a long session of extremely brutal torture by Dakahlia forces.

Muslim Brotherhood in Dakahlia Mourns 80-Year Old Leader Talaat Shenawi Death

A great patriot and leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Dakahlia, Shenawi spent 18 years of his life a prisoner of conscience, jailed and persecuted for standing steadfast for the Truth.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement: Human Rights Organizations Biased Against President Morsi

An accurate analysis of rights organizations' detailed studies of the situation in Egypt shows that general Al-Sisi's short reign of terror, so far, is the bloodiest and most disastrous for

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Junta Interior Minister Press Conference

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects as utter lies claims, accusations and other misinformation broadcast in the recent Interior Minister press conference in Cairo.

Muslim Brotherhood: Media Predictions of Terrorist Acts

It is a sign of the times that a non-violent organization feels obliged to deny involvement in violent crimes reported by hostile pro-military media even before they actually occur.

Muslim Brotherhood Legal Committee: Classifying Group as Terrorist Legally Null and Void

Egypt legal experts assert that the military-installed government’s baseless decision to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization violates the law.

FJP Condemns Mansoura Explosions; Denounces Violence; Will Continue Peaceful Protest

Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader Erian reaffirms that the party strongly rejects all forms of violence, vowing to continue its commitment to peacefulness in all activities.

Two Anti-Coup Women Rallies to Egypt MoD and National Council for Human Rights

‘Women Against Coup’ organizes many events and activities in support of female victims of the coup masterminds’ security apparatus.