Political expert: Opposition Party differences Must be Overcome

Addressing crowds in a symposium at the General Egypt Library in Damanhour, Beheira Amr al-Shobaki, an expert in the Ahram Centre for Political and strategic studies covered numerous issues.

Security continues aggression arresting 13 MB

Security forces continued their aggressive campaigns against supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Alexandria.

Interior Ministry abducts MB candidates family members

Security forces in Egypt abducted Ossama Ahmed Suleiman the son of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Ahmed Suleiman from the Beheira constituency and his friend Mustafa Abdul Sabour highlighting the latest crackdown

Former parliamentary candidates warn of repeating Shura election rigging

Former Shura Candidates warned of a re-run of the sham which took place in June's mid-term Shura Council elections in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Activists protest in solidarity with Khaled Saeed and Mohamed Turk

National and political activists organized a protest in Alexandria in solidarity with the family of Khaled Saeed Alexandria's torture victim and Mohamed Saad Turk, a student who has been missing

NAC condemns arrest of 4 petitioners

Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the NAC coordinator condemned the Saturday night arrests of 4 citizens in the Beheira governorate

Egypt: State security harasses and arrests 4 petitioners

In an unjustified manner state security raided the houses of 4 citizens and arrested them after they participated in the petition calling for political reform and constitutional amendments in the

Beheira activists protest against emergency law

Dozens of youths and members of national forces in the city of Damanhour organized an hour long silent protest yesterday evening.

Repercussions after Shura Council elections continue

Shura Council elections aftermath continued in several of Egypt 's constituencies with the unjust arrests of a number of political opposition supporters and the release of others

Security defies court release orders amid MB leaders’ health risks

MB leaders Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Ossama Suleiman were brought into Damanhour's State security headquarters in what was described as very weak and ill