Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Release of Seven Damietta Girls Monday

 The steadfastness and the will of Damietta Province girls triumphed over the will of the tank and the junta after more than 420 days in military prisons… a tribute to

PRESS RELEASE: Deliberate medical negligence leading to death of MP Mohamed Falahgy

This is a new crime to be added to the coup regime's numerous crimes against Egypt, the Egyptian people, the Revolution and its leaders.

Egyptian Lawmaker Mohamed Falahgy Dies in Detention

MP Mohamed Al-Falahgy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party, died in Gamasa prison in Egypt's Damietta province due to coup authorities ignoring his essential medical needs.

Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Junta Storming of Basarta Village, Massacre of Residents

Egypt's revolutionary women coalition denounces as a war crime the murderous military junta's brutal raid of Damietta's Basarta village (north of Egypt) after the arbitrary arrest of 13 young girls

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Basarta Symbol of Bravery

A press release by the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Mohamed Montaser slams junta militias for raiding a Damietta village – killing, maiming and injuring dozens of people for simply demanding

Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Damietta, Egypt: Detainee Torture Crimes Will Be Punished

The military junta is dragging Egypt back to the darkest times of repression, tyranny and torture of the innocent.

FJP and MB Delegation Visit Roman Orthodox Church in Damietta

Dr. Ahmed Al-Beely from the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP), executive office in Damietta, visited the Roman Orthadox Church wishing them well for the Christmas.

FJP Press Release No. (9) – Sorting Results

The Judiciary Committee supervising elections in the ninth constituency for ‘individual’ candidates in Cairo announced that Omar Ramadan, the Freedom and Justice Party’s candidate for the ‘workers’ seat has won

FJP Press Release No. (10) – Elections 2011, Latest Sorting Results

Sorting results for the first phase of parliamentary elections continued to roll in. Final results revealed victory of Dr. Akram Al Sha’er The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate for

Political Forces in Egypt Preparing for the January 25 Day of Rage Demonstration

Political forces in Egypt have stepped up their demands to take to the street on January 25 in conjunction with the celebration of Egypt's National Police.