Security personnel arrest 9 MB including child during peaceful rally in Cairo

In what has come to be a disturbing pattern during the last few days' Egyptian security forces clashed yet again yesterday with a peaceful publicity campaign for the Muslim Brotherhood's

Security forces continue unjust wave arresting 15 MB including 13 year old

Despite assurances by the authorities that Egypt will witness integrity during the elections, arbitrary arrests continue by state security forces where the governorate of Daqahliya witnessed 5 Muslim Brotherhood members

Fifteen day detention for 10 MB members in Daqahliya

Prosecution in the Mansoura city in the Daqahliya governorate issued a 15 day detention order to the 10 Muslim Brotherhood members who were arrested yesterday.

Investigations begin as prosecutors question 42 detained MB members.

Prosecutors commence investigations with the 42 MB detainees who were arrested from their homes at dawn by state security.

Election re-runs harvest more arrests in Daqahleya.

Egyptian security forces on Sunday January 24, detained nine Muslim Brotherhood members in the Nile Delta north of the capital as they prepared for a re-run parliament vote, security sources

Interviews with Wives of Daqahliya Detainees

Wife of Eng. Mohamed Zakariya: I consider my husband’s detention as a time to rest, relax and be nearer to Allah; his detention is a prize from Allah the Exalted