Egypt Parliament’s Human Rights Committee Urges International Protection for Burma Muslims

A 153-page Human Rights Watch report accuses Myanmar’s government of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, crimes against humanity that continue unabated to-date and prevention of relief aid from reaching surviving

Egypt’s Waning Power

Egyptians are struggling to make ends meet, and Egypt can no longer boast of being the foremost political, economic and cultural country in the Middle East.

Another Look at Wikileaks – America the Indispensable?

The revelations of Wikileaks has had little impact on US policy or diplomacy, despite all the analysis and headlines. Only a handful of the cables actually contain information that reveals

MB Chairman: Arabs must counter conspiracy of dividing Arab lands into smaller states

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group, has ascertained that Arab and Muslim unity is the only way in which Muslims can successfully protect their sacred regions and

Donors Sending Expired Medicine to Gaza

As you approach Gaza's main dump by road you see a massive wall of trash looming over the plain. It's crawling with around one hundred scavenger dogs and dozens of

Omar al-Bashir Wins Re-Election In Sudan

Sudan's president won another term in office Monday with a comfortable majority in elections marred by boycotts and fraud allegations, becoming the first head-of-state to be re-elected while facing an

Sudan: police ready to secure elections

Police in Sudan have deployed 1,000 specially trained and equipped policemen in different parts of the country to provide adequate security during the forthcoming elections.

Sudanese refugees at risk of forcible return

The Egyptian authorities apparently intend to forcibly return Sudanese refugees Mohamed Adam Abdallah and Ishaq Fadl Dafallah to Sudan on 12 April. If returned, they would be in grave danger

Egypt: Don’t Deport Darfur Refugees to Face Persecution

The Egyptian authorities should immediately cease deportation proceedings against two refugees from Darfur, Human Rights Watch said today.

Headlines from the region

Al-Qaeda in North Africa frees hostage A French hostage abducted in Mali and held for three months by al-Qaeda’s north African wing arrived on Wednesday in the capital Bamako, hours