Muslim Brotherhood, FJP Leaders Condemn Terrorist Incidents in Kuwait, Tunisia

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, strongly denounce the latest violent attacks in Kuwait and Tunisia, reaffirming that Arab Spring revolutions will prevent violence.

Amr Darrag Condemns Wednesday’s Explosions; Calls for Unity Against Terror

Baffled at how four bombs can be placed among heavily guarded security check-points, FJP leading member Darrag urges all citizens to close ranks and face up to this brutal violence.

Pro-Democracy Coalition: Lifting State of Emergency Mere Formality as Repression Continues

Anti-Coup National Alliance leading member Darrag deplores ‘cosmetic’ lifting of the state of emergency imposed since August 14, 2013 by coup authorities, pointing that arbitrary arrests of students and other

Anti-Coup Alliance’s Dr. Amr Darrag Slams Kerry ‘Army Restores Democracy’ Remarks

As the military junta in Egypt kills unarmed protesters, vindictively eliminating all opposition, especially the evident majority Islamists, US Secretary of State Kerry is happy with the murderous military’s daily

FJP’s Darrag Condemns Attack on Coup Interior Minister; Asserts: Our Activities Peaceful

An assassination attempt can go a long way to justify a bigger wave of state-sponsored terror against all those opposed to the bloody, traitorous coup.

Katatni, Bashir Discuss Joint Economic Projects Between Egypt and Sudan

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni and an accompanying delegation visit Sudan and meet with top government officials, including President Al-Bashir Thursday to discuss economic ties.

Freedom and Justice Party Leader Darrag: Kerry Cairo Visit Important

FJP leader Darrag hails US Secretary of State Kerry’s visit to the Egyptian capital Cairo as an important one, describing Kerry’s call to opposition parties to join forthcoming legislative elections

Freedom and Justice Party Executive Bureau Continues Poll Preparations Discussion

With candidate registration for Egypt legislative elections starting March 9, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, is negotiating coalition possibilities with other parties and political figures.

MB and FJP Leaders Condemn Political Parties Justifying Violence

Darrag and Erian denounce political figures justifying sabotage and subversion and providing political cover for violence and vandalism, while Al-Barr finds ongoing attacks and arson unbecoming of Egypt’s great peaceful

Freedom and Justice Party Elects Hussein Ibrahim Secretary-General

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, in its National Committee’s latest regular meeting Thursday, elects new secretary-general, in a transparent process covered by news media.