Day of Rage


MB Deputy Chairman: No Need to Engage in Second Revolution

Appealing to the people to protect the revolution Thursday, Deputy Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Eng. Khairat el Shater explained why the MB chose not to partake in the second

Prosecutor Accuses Adly of Intentionally Killing Protesters

Former Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly was remanded in custody on Thursday for 15 days, pending investigations into charges of ordering security forces to open fire on peaceful protesters in association

Egypt teaches the world the meaning of patriotism

A recent article in the guardian titled “The big society-Egyptian Style” by Joshua Surtees highlighted the Egyptians’ patriotism praising the people’s determination once they took the reins of social responsibility

Tahrir Protests Attacked by Thugs

Tahrir Square witnessed clashes on Tuesday and Wednesday as angry groups clashed with sit-in protesters in an attempt to drive them from the square.

French FM meets with MB and other representatives

During a press conference French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe described separate meetings as fruitful.

Military rulers announce major cabinet shake-up swearing in new ministers

Egyptian state television on Tuesday showed several new ministers being sworn in the country's first cabinet reshuffle since a military council took power.

MB’s Leading Role in January 25 Day of Anger – Prospects for Victory

Under the title "Protesters in Bloody Wednesday clashes in Cairo's Tahrir Square would have been slain but for the fact that young Muslim Brothers defended them," journalist Bara al-Khatib wrote

MB: Open to Dialogue As Long as It Respects the Masses Demands

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has stated that January 25th, Day of Rage protests has stuck an incredible sense of pride among Egyptians as the world witnessed Egyptians

Amnesty International calls for immediate release of workers

Salil Shetty Secretary General of Amnesty International called for the immediate and safe release of his colleagues and others with them.

In Egypt, Democracy Is The Only Avenue To Economic Stability

Egypt's would-be revolution is causing not only a political earthquake, but an economic one as well.