Day of Rage


Politicians: January 25 Demonstration Is not a Prelude to National Uprising

Thousands of Egyptians are scheduled to take to the streets on January 25 Day of Rage demonstration at the invitation of the "6 April Youth" group.

ElBaradei supports Day of Rage march but will not participate

Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has announced that he will not take part in the January 25 Day of Rage Protests. The Noble Peace Prize Laureate stated that although

Seventeen Opposition Movements Call Egyptians to Participate in January 25 Demonstrations

Under the slogan "Together, on 25 January for Freedom, Justice, and Citizenship," 17 political parties and forces issued a statement, calling on Egyptians to participate in a demonstration scheduled for

Rage in al-Khalil in defence of Ibrahimi mosque

Violent confrontations broke out on Friday afternoon between Palestinian protestors and IOF troops in the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil near the Ibrahimi mosque and in the southern part

Lawyer To File Report Against Torture of Ain Shams Students

Gamal Tagiddeen, lawyer of the students Ahmed Abdel-Mon’em Abul-Futuh and Mansur Naser, will be filing a report to the Attorney General today, Wednesday, April 8, 2009 against the Nasr City

Security Tightening in Egyptian Universities on “Day of Rage”

This morning, Egyptian universities were transformed into military barracks as Central Security vehicles surrounded their walls and most university gates were closed to prevent the organization of any student events,