Death Sentences


Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Death Sentences

The Muslim Brotherhood continues to exert legal, political and popular efforts at local and international levels to ensure that all political detainees and those unjustly sentenced to death restore their

Human Rights NGO: 2978 Killed Outside the Law Since 2013

Rights organization (ECRF) reveals that the military coup regime has killed 2978 from July 2013 and until June 2016.

Rights Group Laments Court Final Approval of Death Sentences Against 5 Opponents of Egypt Coup

Rough justice: Arbitrarily rounded up, illegally subjected to forced disappearance, and ruthlessly tortured into signing false self-incriminating confessions, anti-coup citizens are sentenced to death in farcical sham trials.

Muslim Brotherhood: Death Sentences, Executions Will Not Intimidate Us

To the traitorous military coup’s judges complicit in the spilling of innocent revolutionaries’ blood… To those who sentenced to death seven young patriotic men in Kafr el-Sheikh… The patriotic youths

ERC’s open letter to UN Secretary General, UN Missions, and UK parliamentarians

Egypt’s politically-motivated death penalties and executions – ERC’s open letter to UN Secretary General, UN Missions, and UK parliamentarians

Rights Group Condemns Death Sentences Against Clearly Innocent Anti-Coup Mansoura Youths

Rights groups and activists say the latest wave of death sentences against coup opponents kills Egypt's future.

Austria Parliament Moves to Stop Egypt Executions, Human Rights Violations

In a special session Wednesday, Austrian Parliament condemns coup crimes, repression and brutality in Egypt.

Open Letter to Mrs. Merkel Regarding Sisi’s Forthcoming Visit

 H.E The Chancellor of The Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs Merkel, On behalf of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC), I am writing to you today to ask you to support

Rights Group: Execution of Arab Sharkas Unjustified Murder

A joint statement from the NGO 'Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms' and a solidarity group, together with a defense representative for 'Arab Sharkas' case detainees.

Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Denounces Junta Court Sentencing Elected President to Death

Egypt's pro-democracy nationwide coalition slams military junta judiciary's absurd and legally flawed death sentence against the country's legitimate President Morsi and scores of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in a most farcical