Death Sentences


Students Against The Coup: Repression Against Cairo Students Will Not Break Our Resolve

After a barbaric and bloody attack by armed coup militias and hired thugs against unarmed students on Cairo University campus, SAC student movement vows to persist in peaceful protest and

Rights Organization Report Slams Violations of Human Rights Inherent in Junta Decrees, Laws

An Egyptian rights NGO criticizes the coup regime's fundamentally flawed decrees and laws that defy logic, reason and the country's own Constitution.

Journalists For Reform Condemns Life Imprisonment, Execution Orders

In a short statement, rights movement Journalists For Reform (affiliated with the anti-coup Egyptian opposition) condemns absurdly unjust sentences against journalists, and stresses this will not terrorize them into abandoning

Anti-Coup Alliance: Escalating Popular Rage Paves Way for Powerful Protests to Oust Coup Regime

Pro-legitimacy nationwide coalition hails Egyptian revolutionary resilience, and calls for 'Stop execution of the homeland' week of peaceful resistance against the illegitimate military coup.

Muslim Brotherhood: Down With Junta’s Judiciary, Down With Unjust Rulings

A new court ruling today (Saturday) imprisoned and sentenced to death innocent citizens – issued vengefully by the junta’s judiciary, who act only on instructions from the Generals, to abuse,