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FJP Opposes US Plans for Minorities’ Rights Envoy

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) VP Dr. Rafiq Habib opposed a recent vote by The US House of Representatives to establish a US envoy to protect the rights of religious

US Ready to Cooperate With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – US Diplomat

A senior US diplomat reiterates Washington's willingness to "cooperate" with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and blames the Mubarak regime for Muslim-Coptic sectarian strife

US Secretary of State welcomes MB if elected by people through democratic elections

A recent dialogue between US secretary of State and former US first lady Hilary Clinton has revealed that the US may have had a change of heart following its former

Carter: MB nothing to be afraid of

During a seminar at the LBJ Library Carter spoke about developments in the Middle East including the uprising in Egypt that led to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's ousting.

HRF: Democracy Possible if Egypt Is Pressured by US Administration

Neil Hicks international policy adviser for Human Rights First wrote in an article in Washington Post that he agreed with the Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner that Egypt’s upcoming

Another Look at Wikileaks – America the Indispensable?

The revelations of Wikileaks has had little impact on US policy or diplomacy, despite all the analysis and headlines. Only a handful of the cables actually contain information that reveals

Turning a Blind Eye to Egypt

Since President Obama’s Cairo speech, his administration has been disturbingly quiet in word and deed about the Egyptian government’s repression of democracy.

US report reveals Americans want administration to leave Middle East alone

A recent survey in the US revealed that the majority of American people did not oppose the idea of any fundamentalist Islamic group assuming power in any Middle East Muslim

Study indicates Obama not so popular

A new study by the Pew Center suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood's prediction was true where they stated before his memorable address in June 2009,that "If Obama fails to deliver

Al Azhar Grand Imam meets with US Muslim Representative

Farah Pandith, special representative to the Muslim communities for the US State department, held a press conference at the US embassy before meeting with Dr. Ahmed Altayeb, al Azhar Grand