Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Commitment to Peaceful Protest, Defiance to Topple Junta

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has reiterated its pledge to remain committed to non-violent struggle against the illegitimate repressive regime, ruling out any allegiance with any violent groups or forces.

Libya Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Terror, Military Coups; Urges National Dialogue

In a statement issued Thursday evening, the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya reiterates its firm stance against terror and military coups, and urges all parties to resolve conflicts through dialogue.

Muslim Brotherhood Believes in Popular Will, Democracy Despite Junta Attempts to Eradicate Group

The Muslim Brotherhood's message on the 65th anniversary of its founder Hassan Al-Banna's death on February 12, 1949: Still Steadfast on the Path.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Delegation Offers Condolences for Mandela Death

Leaders representing Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy offer heartfelt condolences for the passing of the great leader, former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Anti-Coup Alliance’s Dr. Amr Darrag Slams Kerry ‘Army Restores Democracy’ Remarks

As the military junta in Egypt kills unarmed protesters, vindictively eliminating all opposition, especially the evident majority Islamists, US Secretary of State Kerry is happy with the murderous military’s daily

On Al-Adha Feast for Martyrs, Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Pray for Egypt’ Major March

'Pray for Egypt', the new banner of a million-man march called by the Anti-coup coalition of Egyptian parties and movements defending democracy, will rally all segments of society for dignity

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt’s Junta Attacks on Freedom of Press and Speech Continue

Escalating their brutal assault on Egyptians' human rights, free speech and democratic process, the junta generals' security forces shutter another internet and printed media news outlet - one affiliated with

Break the Will: Coup and Revolution Strategies

In order for the sweeping second wave of the January 25 (2011) Revolution to succeed in crushing the traitorous coup, it must build strong free popular will that accepts difference

Anti-Coup National Alliance Urges Escalation Towards Civil Disobedience

Egypt’s coalition of pro-democracy groups and movements steps up campaign towards civil disobedience, with a boycott of products and services from coup supporters.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Putschist Schemes of Vandalism and Sectarian Strife

As the July 3 coup commanders and collaborators announce ‘fears of violent plots by Islamists’, the truth is that the putschists themselves are plotting waves of violent attacks aimed at