Democratic Front Party


WP: Egyptian Army Prefers Turkish Model, But Will Not Impose It

Washington Post, reported that the ruling Military Council started to release signals that they want the army to continue to play key roles, namely to be the guarantor of the

MB – A Force to be Reckoned With

Describing the Muslim Brotherhood as a force to be reckoned with, Copt business tycoon Naguib Sawiris announced a plan to form a coalition to compete against the MB in the

MK Baraka exposes plan targeting Arab homes in Lod

-- Arab MK Mohammed Baraka, speaking Saturday before the Israeli Knesset, offered evidence suggesting that NIS 40 million of the NIS 130 million budget set aside to develop the city

The Egyptian opposition eliminates itself

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in Egypt is busy with its internal elections to select its candidates to the People’s Assembly elections scheduled at the end of next month,

Opposition remains undecided

Much controversy has surrounded Egypt ’s upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for October as parties contemplate whether to boycott or participate.

NAC Threatens to boycott elections if demands for guarantees against rigging defied

Two conferences held on Friday evening in the Daqahliya and Assiut constituencies witnessed the decision made by the National Association for change to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections if their

MB Secretary General: MB members do not strike secret deals

Allegations by the Democratic Front Party, that the Muslim Brotherhood Bloc have been engaging in deals with the ruling NDP have been denied by the group's senior leaders.

Dialogue continues between MB and political opposition forces

The Muslim Brotherhoods initiative to convene with political opposition parties and trends continues. Members of Egypt's strongest opposition have been meeting with other forces and putting forward ideas in an

Conflict arises in Egypt opposition over ElBaradei’s leadership, Muslim Brotherhood

Conflict within the so-called unified Egyptian opposition appears to be breaking.

ElBaradei to head national assembly for change in Egypt

ElBaradei said that Egypt is “experiencing critical parliamentary elections this year and presidential elections the following year, and there is an urgency for change,” pointing out that the meeting with