Critics question Obama’s authenticity in call for democracy

An article posted in the Washington post by Fred Hiatt discusses the US commitment to prioritise its call for democracy worldwide.

Right winged myth of Obama being Muslim supported by 20% of Americans

The view that he is a Muslim is increasingly widespread among his political opponents than among his supporters and followers.

Americans remaining ill-informed is inexcusable

Lately, partisan politics in America has been running amok. The two-party system seems more antagonistic than usual. The Republicans and Democrats have never been soul mates, but they’re not usually

America’s Failing Sexual Health

The increase in the rates of STDs, HIV-AIDS and pregnancy among young women indicates that America has yet to overcome the tyranny of rightwing

The US Congressman who sold his soul to the Israel lobby

Adam Shapiro tells the story of a hitherto principled friend and campaigner for justice and human rights, Tom Perriello, who ran for Congress and, once elected, betrayed all of his

Middle Eastern Democrats and Their Vision of the Future

Democrats in the Middle East have been fighting uphill battles to reform and open up their political space. Some governments have conceded to local demands for partial reform and relaxed