Junta Militias Force False Confessions, Statements from Thirteen Anti-Coup Young Girls

Coup militias in Damietta, Egypt forced thirteen girls to record confessions under duress and torture, contrary to all local and international laws and conventions.

Marking 100 Days of Traitorous Coup, Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls Huge March Friday

The anti-coup coalition of Egyptian parties and movements defending democracy calls '100-Day Balance' million-man march to peacefully protest the many failures of the military-led government.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Putschist Schemes of Vandalism and Sectarian Strife

As the July 3 coup commanders and collaborators announce ‘fears of violent plots by Islamists’, the truth is that the putschists themselves are plotting waves of violent attacks aimed at

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on ‘Friday of Anger’ Murderous Crimes by Coup Commanders

Egypt’s coalition of pro-legitimacy, pro-democracy groups and movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood, urges world leaders and human rights organizations to condemn and stop murderous military madness in Egypt.

Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Military-Installed Putschist Presidency Statement

Following the announcement by the military-appointed president of the failure of negotiations, the pro-democracy, pro-legitimacy coalition holds the putschists responsible for any massacres that their forces may execute against peaceful

Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Imprisonment of President Morsi

In yet another traitorous putschist manoeuvre meant to more surely ignite a civil war in Egypt, the heinous coup masterminds have brought false charges of ‘espionage’ against President Morsi, announcing

Brief Biography of Mansoura Women Demonstration Martyrs on Friday July 19

In a metaphor of mindless vengeance and hatred, Egypt’s latest putschists let the army and police thugs ambush a women’s rally in Mansoura, killing and injuring hundreds.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Heinous Massacre of Women in Mansoura

A statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns the latest bloody massacre where hundreds of women were killed and injured by security forces, some of whom dressed as thugs.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: New Massacre Committed by Egypt Police Monday, July 15

As ‘real’ democracy takes hold in Egypt, instead of protecting peaceful protesters, police protect hired thugs tasked with doing the state’s bloody dirty work, killing and maiming demonstrators with impunity.

National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy Invites Egyptian People to Million-Man Rally Monday

Vowing to continue their huge sit-ins, already in their 17th day, across Egypt, pro-democracy, pro-Morsi protesters urge all citizens to join massive march on Monday.