Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Confirms ‘Coup is Terrorism’ Week

As the Muslim Brotherhood-led pro-democracy coalition hails the millions of citizens who turned out for “The People Protect the Revolution” Friday, it affirms the start of the “Coup is Terrorism’

FJP Statement on Police Violence against Peaceful Protestors Monday, July 15

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, issues a statement demanding an immediate stop to state police plots of street thuggery and prompt release of all detained demonstrators.

Legal and Rights Experts: Over 1000 Still Detained after Republican Guard Massacre

Coup commanders in Egypt continue to detain, without charge, over a thousand citizens of all political colors, interrogating them in police stations and detention centers across the country.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Republican Guard HQ Massacre of Peaceful Protesters

FJP strongly condemns the massacre of unarmed demonstrators outside the presidential guard compound in Cairo where the illegitimate coup regime’s police and army killed and injured hundreds.

Millions of Egyptians Rise Up Against Coup; Republican Guard Massacre Peaceful Protesters

Systematic brutality, widespread atrocities and plain downright bloody massacres are back on the streets of Cairo and all provinces across Egypt as security forces face unarmed demonstrators with live bullets.

Statement from Pro-Democracy Masses of Egyptian People in All Liberty Squares Across Egypt

Millions of Egyptians demonstrating in support of democratic, constitutional and ballot-box legitimacy issue a 4-point statement detailing their demands.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Military Coup Against Elected President

Brotherhood statement strongly condemns military coup against democracy and electoral legitimacy, anti-Islamist crackdown and police state measures already taken across Egypt.

190 Supporters of Democratic Legitimacy Injured, Brotherhood Property Demolished

In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, yet more pro-democracy, pro-Morsi supporters fall dead and injured at the hands of post-coup security forces.

Martyrs and Wounded Fall as Thugs Ambush Pro-Morsi Mass Rallies in Egypt Provinces

Hundreds of citizens, peacefully protesting old regime and opposition violence across Egypt, are repeatedly attacked, injured and killed by hired thugs.