Grandi urges the world community to lift the siege on Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)-- Filippo Grandi, the new commissioner-general of UNRWA, has urged the world community to end the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, adding that the undignified life of the

Rahm Emanuel Speaks for Obama

It’s true that Emanuel did say that 'Israel must halt settlement construction on the West Bank'; but in the context of his whole speech, that was mere lip-service to a

Olive trees and date palms in Gaza made barren by phosphorus bombs

Palestinian farmers seem to be sure that Zionist bombs, especially “white phosphorus” and some unknown incendiary bombs, have caused a sharp and unprecedented decline in olive and date crop yields

The Rise and Rise of Turkey

One way and another, a resurgent Turkey is rewriting the rules of the power game in the Middle East, in a positive and non-confrontational manner. This is one of the

IOA demolishes tent of evicted family in Sheikh Jarrah

In the context of the daily Israeli violations committed against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank, fanatic Israeli settlers set fire at an early hour Thursday to an old

Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Qatar’s Call For Summit, Slams Countries That Rejected It

Muslim Brotherhood Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef expressed his support for all which came in the statement of Qatari Prince Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani in his last call for an