Rights Organization Appeals to All Human Rights Activists for Solidarity with Detainee Safwat

The Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms holds Egypt's Interior Ministry responsible for life of Mahmoud Ehab Safwat, a detainee badly injured when security forces threw him from a third-floor

Another Detainee Dies Due to Deliberate Medical Neglect in Junta Police Custody

Yet another opponent of the illegitimate coup in Egypt dies in junta detention centers after months of slow torture as coup authorities refuse him treatment and medication.

Egypt Military Court Jails Ikhwanweb Founder Khalid Hamza and 4 Others

A military court sentences 5 Muslim Brotherhood leaders to one-year jail term, including rights activist and Ikhwanweb founder Khalid Hamza.

Freedom and Justice Party: Military Rule Injustice, Repression Will Speed Junta Downfall

The FJP condemns Monday's mass death sentences, which – far from justice and due process – amount to a barely-disguised cold-blooded massacre of innocent critics of the military junta's regime.

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Junta Court Death Sentences Monday

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement in which it denounced the kangaroo court that condemned 683 people to death in one fell swoop Monday, after sentencing 529 to death

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Rallies Tuesday to Commemorate Abu-Zaabal Detainee Massacre

The broad-based coalition opposed to the coup in Egypt remembers the innocent political detainees killed in cold blood in a police van by junta security forces at Abu-Zaabal Prison.

Freedom and Justice Party Slams Junta Violations of Prisoner and Detainee Rights

With all the murderous vivid violations of human rights going on daily, against unarmed civilians, since the illegitimate military coup in Egypt, international rights organizations must act promptly or risk

Activists prepare blacklist of former SS officers

Activists are currently in the process of preparing a blacklist of officers from the dismantled State Security apparatus who were known to be involved in torturing detainees.

Abducted Man’s Mother Fears Son Dead

Fear and panic gripped hundreds of families of detainees who were taken to the Alexandria headquarters of State Security Intelligence 18 days ago under the pretext of conducting investigations into

Salafi’s father fears son dead

Hassan Metwally, father of 29-year-old Salafi detainee accused the security officials of masterminding the kidnapping of his son Ahmed who has been missing since the suicide bombing of the Qeddesinne