Number of the ‘Disappeared’ Doubles in Egypt

Latest human rights reports indicate a sharp rise in the number of Egyptian citizens subjected to enforced disappearance by coup junta forces. According to these reports, students "Abdullah Hassan Ahmed

Joint Statement by Coalition of Human Rights Organizations on Violations Against Egypt Detainees

 The Coalition of Human Rights Organizations condemns the coup regime’s escalating and systematic violations against detainees in prisons, police stations and military detention centers in Egypt. The Coalition stresses the

Three More Egyptians Die in Detention in 48 Hours Due to Coup Authorities’ Deliberate Medical

The junta regime in Egypt kills three more Egyptians (in two days) in its dungeons and detention centers with deliberate and methodical medical neglect.

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Statement on Deaths in Detention

Mohamed Montaser, the Muslim Brotherhood's young spokesman, issues a statement assuring that the martyr's blood shall defeat the forces of the evil, fascist junta.

Dozens of Children Tortured in Coup Detention Centers and Juvenile Jailhouses in Alexandria

In Kom El-Deka, Alexandria, 50 children are tortured in detention in so-called juvenile "care homes", then dispatched to a notoriously harsh juvenile prison in Cairo.

Al Jazeera Correspondent Issued Fifteen Day Renewed Detention Order

Al Jazeera's correspondent Badr Mohamed Badr was issued a 15 day renewed detention order by Prosecution in the 6th of October constituency.

Judge’s Arrest and Violations on Election Day Draw Outcry

The detention of Egyptian judge, Waleed El-Shafei, while attempting to monitor a polling station in Badrasheen district during Sunday's voting, has triggered widespread controversy.

Tadamun: Palestinian prisoner taken to interrogation center

Palestinian prisoner Nidal Al-Surkaji has been moved from the Hadarim jail to Petah Tikwa interrogation center, a lawyer for the international Tadamun society for human rights said on Sunday.

Obama’s Remainees

Closing Guantanamo does not simply mean emptying the prison cells at that naval base and throwing away the keys. It means ending the policy that has become synonymous with Guantanamo

Egypt: Human rights activist and journalist, Hamdi Taha arrested in Aswan

Repressive measures against journalists and human rights activist have now become common currency in Egypt, where neither domestic nor international laws are respected.