MB: World Must Take Firm Stance Against Terrorist Syrian Regime

The Muslim Brotherhood described the Syrian regime as obstinate with its continued aggression, tortures, unjust detentions and massacres against the peaceful protestors and their fellow countrymen and the destruction of

Indian Repression in Kashmir

Kashmir is facing the grave situation, deteriorating every passing day. Use of excessive and indiscriminate force is the miscalculation on the part of Delhi and its State puppets.

Opposition crackdown in Egypt heats up before polls

Egypt's largest opposition movement, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, is once again facing a crackdown by authorities. Some 150 members are under arrest, according to the group, and more arrests are

Obama’s Weak Report Card on the CIA

While he has been successful in addressing the CIA's renditions, detentions and interrogations programs,

Alexandria: Illegal arrests and detentions of Muslim Brotherhood members continue

State security forces raided houses early dawn arresting members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the continued raids in Alexandria.

2 arrests and 3 extended detentions for innocent Muslim Brotherhood members.

State Security forces in North Sinai raided the homes of Hossam Shorbagy son of MB leader Dr Abdul Rahman Shorbagy and Bassam Adel.

Extended detentions for Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh and 3 others, 15 days.

Aboul Fotouh, Secretary General of the Arab Doctors Union and a member of the Brotherhood's Executive Bureau was arrested earlier this year and charged with a host of fabricated accusations

October harvests an overall increase in the number of detentions, arrests against MB.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in October witnessed the continuing aggression and injustices with more than 115 detentions.

Conference: Arrests and detentions of our Muslim brotherhoods’ doctors is a violation of rights.

In a conference expressing solidarity with the detained muslim brotherhood doctors participants voiced their objections claiming that the arrests were a clear violation of freedom of rights and a devastating

The Muslim Brotherhood’s statement on recent detentions

Despite the Criminal Court"s issuing a verdict to release Dr. Osama Nasr and his brothers in the very well-known case in the media known as " The issue of the