Development in Egypt


New Luxor Governor Vows to Stimulate and Support Tourism with All Resources

New governor of renowned historical Luxor province of Egypt affirms that his priorities are to solve all tourism problems and help the sector’s workers earn a decent living.

President Morsi Tasks Minister of Investment to Develop Plan to Smooth Investor Difficulties

Egypt develops innovative, comprehensive investment plan, engaging both private and public sectors, to smooth out investor problems and obstacles.

Suez Canal Development Chief: Project Will Be Economy Locomotive

Head of Egypt’s Suez Canal development reveals that powerful project to rejuvenate and expand vital region should have started years ago.

Erian: Freedom and Justice Party Joins Political Players for Friday of Persistence

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, announces it is to positively participate in tomorrow’s protests and activities around the country’s provinces.

Revolution, Rejuvenation and Renaissance – Between Egypt and Japan

Today, Egypt is moving forth through the "revolution", to help herself to real "renaissance" that she missed as she lumbered slowly on a long and winding road of failed modernization

Rights Groups Urge Authorities to Proceed With Elections Timetable

With the dilemma facing Egypt concerning the upcoming elections, the human rights organization, Sawaseya, calls on the Egyptian authorities to proceed with the scheduled elections.

Helbawy: Foreign Intelligence Seeking to Thwart the Revolution

Dr. Kamal Helbawy, MB figure, suggested that Israeli and US intelligence are working hard to thwart the January 25 Revolution, which they perceive as a threat to their interests in

MB to Participate in National Dialogue But not Egypt Conference

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced its decision to take part in Egypt's National Dialogue. However it stressed it rejects offers to participate in a similar gathering known as the Egypt

MB Chairman: The Revolution and Challenges of Advancement and Production

Addressing the Muslim Brotherhood members chairman for the group Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that it was necessary to create a new social, economic and political realm based on the initiatives

Foreign Office minister promotes democracy; meets with Egypt’s MB

Alistair Burt the British foreign office minister for the Middle East is visiting Egypt for a two day visit where he is expected to discuss the direction of the Israeli-Palestinian