Diaa Rashwan


Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Newspaper Journalists Denounce Closure of Headquarters

As the putschists’ authorities shutter another media outlet belonging to coup opponents, journalists demand protection of freedom of the press.

Egypt ‘Journalists for Reform’ Condemns Lynching of Journalists at Church Ceremony

Journalist reform movement urges Syndicate chief Rashwan to take prompt action after journalists (male and female) are attacked physically and verbally at a church ceremony in Cairo.

MB Media Spokesman Calls for Unity to Save the Revolution

During a seminar entitled “Priorities of National Work to Face the Counter-Revolution Is a Current Duty”, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim

Foreign Reactions to US Anti-Muslim Events, Part II: Qur’an Burning Day

This is the second of a four-part series of posts on foreign reactions to recent anti-Muslim rhetoric in the U.S.

Analyst: Past Wafd affiliations with MB proved successful

Internal differences within the Wafd Party has had Kamal Zakher, coordinator of the Front for Secular Copts and Wafd Party member submitting his resignation to the party this week with

Rashwan: Amendments to electoral districts will benefit ruling party

"New amendments did not take into account the voter's proportional representation as they equated between low population constituencies and high population ones, which proves the imbalance in the constitutional amendments.

Egypt: MB leaders face further investigations

Cairo: Egypt’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood group continues to face obstacles in having top officials released from police custody, the MB said in a statement published on Sunday.

MB lashes out against Egypt gov’t over terror charges

“The MB is based on reform on the basis of correct and complete Islam through all and any peaceful means,” the statement said.

Hard days ahead for the MB

The latest security clampdown on the Brotherhood's leadership heralds an even tougher policy.

Diaa Rashwan: Brotherhood teaches ruling regime a valuable lesson.

Expert Diaa Rashwan from Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies expressed that the transfer of authority in the Muslim Brotherhood Movement that was recently witnessed was truly an example