Introducing the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Everything about the scene in the white marquee erected in Tripoli's Mina as-Shaab waterside quarter would have been unthinkable until last year.

MB Chairman Receives Italian Ambassador

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), received at his office, Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Claudio Pacifico, the Italian Ambassador in Cairo.

Badie to US Ambassador: Actions Not Words Will Help US Restore Its Credibility in Muslim

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), met with Mrs.Anne Patterson, U.S. ambassador in Cairo, Wednesday morning. The meeting was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, MB Secretary General,

Shadi Hamid: What Obama and American Liberals Don’t Understand About the Arab Spring

Throughout the Arab spring, analysts and policymakers have debated the proper role that the United States should be playing in the Middle East.

Israel misreads history, corners itself

The Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara aid ship bound for Gaza on May 31, 2010, has proven to be a turning point in Turkish-Israeli relations.

MB: World Must Take Firm Stance Against Terrorist Syrian Regime

The Muslim Brotherhood described the Syrian regime as obstinate with its continued aggression, tortures, unjust detentions and massacres against the peaceful protestors and their fellow countrymen and the destruction of

Human rights irony for the US and Arab world

Since September 11th, the United States and the Arab world have traveled a treacherous road together. Where they have arrived after ten years sets them apart. In the US, the

MB Urges Remaining Arab Dictators to Learn from Libyan Revolution, Relinquish Power

Another tyrant has fallen after he ruled his country with iron and fire, oppression and terror, prisons and detention camps, gallows and assassinations for more than forty years.