IOF disguised soldiers break foot of Palestinian teen

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) wearing plain clothes beat up a 17-year-old Palestinian teen a few days ago and broke his foot, the Palestinian prisoners' society said on Thursday.

A Jewish voice against the “burqa ban”

While studying abroad in the French city of Strasbourg in 2007, I decided to grow a bushy beard. Little did I know that in France only traditional Jewish and Muslim

A brave voice

It was brave of Georgette Qillini to challenge the worn-out practices of the National Democratic Party (NDP) during the debate on Nagaa Hammadi. Despite attempts by the NDP majority to

State Security follows through their unjust arrests.

Security Services launched a new campaign of arrests against the Muslim Brotherhood movement from the Daqahleya governorate.

Pope Shenouda’s legal advisor calls for a release warrant to be issued for the arrest

Activists have filed appeals to General prosecutor Abdul Mageed Mahmoud demanding an investigation in the escalating incidents which have been developing targeting the Copts.

Historical court decision revoking demolition order for Muslim Brotherhood’s charity hospital.

A historical decision made in court in a hearing led by Chancellor Mamdouh Rady of the knocking down of a new hospital built by the Muslim Brotherhood to serve poor

Wife of Egyptian Sinai activist speaks out

The wife of detained Sinai activist Musaad Abu Fagr, Shaimaa, spoke out on Wednesday in a posting on Amnesty International’s website, saying that since her husband’s arrest in February, 2008,

Dr. Ashraf “Our case is like an old Arabic Movie

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar, Vice-Secretary-General of Egypt’s Doctors Syndicate and Rapporteur of the Human Relief Agency has lived a life full of research, learning, work and travel. The Security Services

Four Palestinians wounded as a result of Israeli shelling in northern Gaza

Four Palestinians were wounded on Friday morning near the Martyrs cemetery to the east of Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip, when Israeli tanks fired at Palestinian citizens visiting their

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood split

Brotherhood members take part in a demonstration in Cairo last year. Its growing influence worries the government A senior leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has acknowledged that government repression has