Statement By the Int’l Union of Muslim Scholars Concerning Events in Syria

The International Union of Muslim Scholars called for the cessation of the killing of the Syrian people, and starting a genuine response to the legitimate demands for freedom, dignity and

Tunisia’s Deposed President — Corrupt, Anti-Democratic, and One of America’s Close Friends

Across the Middle East and Central Asia, U.S. allies are invariably corrupt dictators, maintained in power by lavish patronage and the military.

Exclusive Intifada Interview with Archbishop Theodosios (Atallah) Hanna

“For those who use the Bible to support Israel need to differentiate between God promise and Balfour promise, because the occupation is the result of a promise given to the

Islamonline workers protest and demand pay

Journalists ousted from the Qatar-based news website Islam Online (IOL) rallied in front of the Qatari Embassy in the Mohandeseen district in Cairo on Wednesday.

Islamic Televangelism: Religion, Media and Visuality in Contemporary Egypt

For the three characters of this film and thousands of other young Egyptians, Amr Khaled’s brand of Islamic televangelism is merely one element – however prominent – of the diffuse

Commentary – the move away from big pan-Arab channels

The Arab media scene in the last few years of the first decade of the third millennium has totally changed from what we had seen in the first half of

The Gaza War, Theater and the Big Interview

The military phase of the Gaza war started on December 27, 2008, when Israel launched an attack on the Gaza Strip. It ended on 18 January, 2009, when Israel, and

Bitter religious rivalry in the air

SOME 300 journalists and other staff at IslamOnline, a popular website on Muslim affairs, have been staging a three-week sit-in that has captivated Arab media.

Islamonline employees address the Qatari TV channel AlJazeera: Treat us the same as you treat

Employees of the Islamic website Islamonline strongly deplore and disapprove the occupational bias on Al Jazeera's coverage of the crisis which erupted between the staff in Cairo and the Qatar-based

Islam Online dilemma getting ugly as board takes over website

The new administration at Islam Online has already attempted to force out hundreds of employees this week, with the journalists, editors and workers staging a sit-in at their offices in