Islamists’ moves in Gaza seen as sign of maturity

“Islamists are trying to steer a course between governance, political processes and resistance,”

Islam Online in crisis as administration threatens to fire journalists

Some 250 employees of the Arabic-English news website Islam Online stood in protest this afternoon in Cairo, demanding their voices be heard by the new administration.

Statement by the MB concerning current events.

The Muslim Brotherhood movement has recently been under the spotlight facing speculation and skepticism by a numbered few; and in light of this, the movement has demonstrated resilience while stoically

US should engage Islamists to push democracy in Arab world, says expert

The US should engage with Islamist groups in the Arab world if it is serious about promoting democracy in the region, says Shadi Hamid, deputy director of the Brookings Doha

Egypt among states attempting to weaken UN Anti-Corruption Convention enforcement mechanism

CAIRO: International NGOs are warning that the United Nation’s global corruption convention will “fail” if states attending the third Conference of States Parties to the treaty in Doha do not

Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Qatar’s Call For Summit, Slams Countries That Rejected It

Muslim Brotherhood Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef expressed his support for all which came in the statement of Qatari Prince Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani in his last call for an

Does Religion Have Anything to Do With Terrorism?

Distortions of the teachings of various organized religions have always been used to justify everything under the sun. Similarly, great wrongs have been committed in the name of the family

Mashaal to Arab Rulers: Follow Chavez, Castro

Khalid Mashaal, the chairman of the politburo of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas accused undisclosed Palestinian parties of receiving US weapon and training, not for resistance, but for using them