The Petraeus briefing: Biden’s embarrassment is not the whole story

The January Mullen briefing was unprecedented. No previous CENTCOM commander had ever expressed himself on what is essentially a political issue; which is why the briefers were careful to tell

Historical Amnesia: Haiti and Media Presentation

Once in debt, the IMF and World Bank stepped in and as is usual with their actions, demanded trade concessions and internal financial changes that not only increased the indebtedness

America’s Sad History with Haiti

Had America let Aristide run his country, without interfering, the suffering in Haiti would have been greatly lessened. If Washington had let them have their loans for health care, infrastructure,

America’s Sorry History with Haiti

There is another kind of aid that the people of Haiti need that isn’t being talked about. They need us to understand their real history, their culture and their potential.

The Haiti Haters

There’s something that annoys about Haiti -- especially among those who know little about the country. The Haitian tragedy has opened up a whole new industry for what could be

Covering Haiti: When the Media Is the Disaster

Why were so many people in Haiti hungry before the earthquake? Why do we have a planet that produces enough food for all and a distribution system that ensures more

Haiti’s Finest Hour

The usual self-congratulatory reporting about American generosity and the importance of American troops (they secured the airport!) went on in a situation in which aid was visibly not getting through,

Reality in Haiti is Even Worse Than it Looks

Flying in on a cargo plane, two Global Television journalists and I (with Canwest News Service) arrived in Port-au-Prince less than 24 hours after the earthquake hit last week.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s statement on the earthquake in Haiti.

Badie has stressed that the aftermath to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which struck, in Haiti has been closely followed where it has completely devastated Port-au-Prince leaving hundreds of thousands trapped

The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

Haiti has a longstanding history of US military intervention and occupation going back to the beginning of the 20th Century. US interventionism has contributed to the destruction of Haiti's national