New Luxor Governor Vows to Stimulate and Support Tourism with All Resources

New governor of renowned historical Luxor province of Egypt affirms that his priorities are to solve all tourism problems and help the sector’s workers earn a decent living.

Poll Shows Muslim Brotherhood Maintaining Support Despite Egypt’s Travails

Two years after Egyptians banded together to overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak, the country’s much-celebrated revolution isn't going well, according to Egyptians who responded to a Pew Research Center survey

President Morsi Tasks Minister of Investment to Develop Plan to Smooth Investor Difficulties

Egypt develops innovative, comprehensive investment plan, engaging both private and public sectors, to smooth out investor problems and obstacles.

Suez Canal Development Chief: Project Will Be Economy Locomotive

Head of Egypt’s Suez Canal development reveals that powerful project to rejuvenate and expand vital region should have started years ago.

Egypt Government Affirms Respect for Covenants on Labor Relations and Freedoms

Marking the International Workers’ Day, Egypt’s minister of Manpower and Emigration vows to improve labor laws, especially those relating to labor rights and freedoms.

Tourist Trips in Egypt Port-Cities Safaga and Port Said Boosted

Despite anti-government media propaganda that exaggerates Egypt’s security problem, which is limited to approximately 2 square miles in total, tourism is in fact picking up fast.

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism Seeks to Assure and Attract Tourists with Novel Initiatives

As the usual culprits persist in their usual campaigns against postrevolution Egypt, the government endeavors to boost tourism in many innovative as well as classical ways.

Qandil: Egyptian-Chinese Agreement Real Beginning for Gulf of Suez Development

Egyptian PM Qandil announces that an Egyptian-Chinese deal signed Saturday is the good start point for serious development of the northwest region of the Suez province.

Hussein Ibrahim: Egypt’s National Security and Sunni Doctrine Red Line

FJP leader Ibrahim assures doubters that Iranian Shiite tourists are no danger to Egypt or its people.

Freedom and Justice Party: Egypt Lives Important Stage of Democratic Transition; Seeks to Establish Rule

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni meets with South Korean Ambassador, who is confident Egypt will get through the current bottleneck of essential transformation.