Literacy Initiative to Launch Under Auspices of President Mohamed Morsi

As Egypt President Morsi prepares for a major literacy project, educationalist Halawani hopes this would start soon, to eliminate illiteracy within the next few years.

Press Conference to Launch ‘Nahda-Based Education’ Campaign, Wednesday

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the FJP, holds an important news conference to kick off a new campaign for an inclusive education overhaul based on Nahda (or Renaissance) Project for

FJP 2011 Program on Human Development

A nation’s progress is measured by its achievements in the field of human development, in building human capacities. Our election program gives particular priority to this issue. We endeavour to

Muslim Brotherhood opinion on Egypt ‘s current situation

Muslim Brotherhood's regard to respecting advice necessitated by the divine law and obligations called on by national duty leads the group to recall on all who care.

MB MP criticizes Interior Ministry for spying on teachers

MP Ibrahim Ouf, of the Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, criticized the flagrant security intervention in the education departments' affairs. He claimed that this intervention would negatively alter the education process which

What Islam is all about.

Dalia Mogahed talks to Gihan Shahine about bridging the gap between the US and the Muslim world.

The role of informal education in shaping the image of the Other

Feeling like one is “outside the consensus” is not unique to people living the black-white divide. It is a universal social phenomenon which exists in societies where the social and

Cabinet Appointments

President Mubarak carried out a minor cabinet reshuffle on January 3, replacing two ministers.

Opposition Muslim Brotherhood and Independents in the People’s Assembly

The People's Assembly, head by Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour, will witness the first parliamentary confrontation between opposition MPs and the government with 128 questions loaded with serious accusations to Dr.

Center Publishes Book on Education in the Arab World

CCAS and Routledge recently published an edited volume on the topic of education in the Arab world. Contributions to the volume originated from two conferences on the subject, one hosted