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Imprisoned Egyptian blogger enters fifth day of hunger strike

Prison officials have refused to officially record the hunger strike by Maikal Nabil Sanad, the first blogger to be arrested after the overthrow of Mubarak for allegedly defamatory remarks about

When reporting becomes activism

Egypt’s regulations and restrictions on press and reporters go as far as mandating prison sentences clearly violating the international standards of freedom of speech.

State Security Officers Beat Kareem Amer before releasing him

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said today that the Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer has been subjected to beatings by an officer of SSI ,

Blogger apologizes for

Egypt has arrested a string of prominent bloggers in the past who criticized security repression or were accused of insulting Islam and the president.

Military trial for Egyptian blogger

An Egyptian blogger referred to a military court for a ruling had his verdict postponed until Tuesday, lawyers from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said. Ahmed Mostafa,

Egypt: Calls for solidarity with Egyptian anti-torture blogger Wael Abbas

Egyptian activists and bloggers are gearing up for today’s showdown between the government and leading blogger Wael Abbas, who was sentenced last fall to 6 months in prison.

Egypt: Ahmed Abdelradi severely tortured by Aswan police

Ahmed Rajab Abdelradi, a 23 year old chemist from Aswan, was arrested on 12 November 2009, and was later severely tortured while in the custody of the Investigative Branch of

Free Abdel Monem Mahmoud

We rallied to the cause when Egyptian blogger Kareem was imprisoned, now the police state that is Egypt has detained yet another blogger, Abdel Monem Mahmoud. Except in his case,