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Muslim Groups Nationwide Call for Initiative to Protect Churches on Coptic Christmas

Recent calls have been made by various Muslim groups on the social networking site Facebook and other social media to protect churches. The groups call for the forming of human

An Open Letter to The Syrian President, Bashar al- Assad Requesting to Release Tal al-Mallouhi

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information , 6th April movement, al-Ghad Liberal Party and Egyptian bloggers and activists publish the letter addressed to the Syrian President , Bashar al-

Blocking An Egyptian Blog On An Emirati Host The Blog Advocates For Reform And Slams

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today that pursuing callers of change and democratic reform did not include arbitrary detention , but also reached their sites and blogs

Blogger accuses Gamal Mubarak’s Office of shutting down his Website

Blogger Amr Osama, of the April 6 Youth opposition movement, accused members of the NDP's policies committee of being behind the irrational shutting down of his blog.

The Loss Of Popularity Of Egyptian Blogging

The active blogs of a few years ago, which scrutinised social violence and confrontations between the opposition and the police, seem to have waned in popularity today. Their success was

Clinton criticizes Egypt ‘s democracy

Hillary Clinton US secretary of state expressed her concern about Egypt 's state of democracy and human rights.

ANHRI 2009 Report, Freedom of Expression in Egypt 2009

They asked me to write a promise to stay away of politics especially 6th April movement. Moreover they asked me to declare regret of ever joining 6th April movement to

North African bloggers get creative to evade censorship

When confronted with free speech as an act of self-expression, authoritarian powers throughout history have tried to assert their legitimacy and remove threats to their rule through censorship.

Banning Skype rumors in Egypt

Blogger Israa el-Sakka wrote that she was unable to log into to Skype and when she called Vodafone they told her that Telecom Egypt had told the company to bar

Egypt rejects UN rights investigator criticism

Cairo: The Egyptian government has denied all observations made by the United Nations Human Rights Council report, local NGOs have reported. The report by Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and