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Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Enough Disasters” Protest Week

Invariably, whenever Egypt’s coup commander Sisi feels a surge in public anger, he resorts to foreign capitals for support in exchange for multi-billion dollar deals that Egypt has no need

President Morsi Tasks Minister of Investment to Develop Plan to Smooth Investor Difficulties

Egypt develops innovative, comprehensive investment plan, engaging both private and public sectors, to smooth out investor problems and obstacles.

Suez Canal Development Chief: Project Will Be Economy Locomotive

Head of Egypt’s Suez Canal development reveals that powerful project to rejuvenate and expand vital region should have started years ago.

Katatni: We Understand Transition Precarious Conditions; Support New Government

No-one expected a velvet transition from repressive dictatorship to free and fair democracy in Egypt, but FJP chief Katatni urges all parties, groups and movements to help smooth the transitional

Murad Ali: Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Get Dragged into Others’ Plans and Violence

While certain opposition forces get up to their necks in acts of violence and criminal vandalism, as well as schemes of treason and sabotage, the FJP seeks to help establish

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on January 25 Revolution Anniversary Violent Incidents

While some mark the 2nd anniversary of the Revolution with sincere efforts to help low-income Egyptians, some others wage a desperate war of mindless mayhem, destruction and vandalism.

Third Attack on Muslim Brotherhood’s Ikhwanonline website HQ in Cairo Downtown

As the Brotherhood devotes its efforts to serve the Egyptian man in the street, with medical convoys and huge charitable markets, dark forces comprising thugs and saboteurs persistently target its

Muslim Brotherhood: Services for Egyptian Public Regular, Unrelated to Any Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood is eager for everyone to positively and actively participate in the campaign to serve the entire Egyptian people across the country’s governorates.

Huda Ghaneya: Calls Against Recently-Approved Constitution Attack Against Popular Will

Freedom and Justice Party leader Ghaneya rejects as absurd and totally unrealistic calls to cancel Egypt’s newly-passed charter.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on December 8 Denounces Anti-Morsi Violence and Vandalism

As the anti-Morsi camp persist in desperate and merciless violence and mayhem, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s martyrs mount up to 9 so far in defense of legitimacy, Brotherhood Chairman Badie