Egyptian Democracy


8 re-arrests and 8 releases for Dakahleya’s MB’s.

In a new series of defiance the Ministry of Interior decided on ignoring court orders to release 8 members of the Muslim Brotherhood from Dakahleya. Detainees were transferred to the

Egypt’s dynastic succession contested, as Muslim Brotherhood fractures

Will Gamal Mubarak succeed his father as Egypt’s next president? Is the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s leading opposition force, about to split? Should liberal and democratic forces align themselves with

Launching of website for “Egyptians against transfer of power”

"Egyptians against transfer of power" have been currently reviewing and analyzing the near prospect of launching their new electronic website.

Egypt’s Next Unelected President?

It is always amusing to see how authoritarian regimes endow themselves with the trappings of democracy – a party, parliament, “elections” – as if they somehow confer legitimacy to otherwise

Audit of USAID Democracy Programs in Egypt

Last week, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a comprehensive new report entitled, “Audit of USAID/Egypt’s Democracy and Governance Activities,” which evaluates the effectiveness of USAID’s democracy and governance

Rule Till Last Breath

The Egyptian President declared, before the new Parliamentary session, that he will lodge a bill for amending article 76 in the constitution that will place many obstacles before any one