Egyptian Election


FJP MPs Draw up Features of National Economy Rejuvenation

Freedom and Justice Party MPs reaffirmed that the party’s priorities, with respect to the economy, is the elimination of financial corruption, providing job opportunities for the unemployed, economic development, solving

30 FJP Candidates Compete in Runoffs Today and Tomorrow

The runoff of the third round of the parliamentary elections will begin Tuesday January 10, 2012. The FJP has 30 candidates running for individual seats.

Full FJP Statement on Cabinet Street Clashes and Power Transfer Initiatives

Today, Egypt is going through historical parliamentary elections, in which the Egyptian people are turning out to partake positively and express their will freely, strongly and persistently, for the first

FJP Press Release, Urging Citizens to Go Out and Vote in Runoff

The first day of run-off voting for the second phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections began in a calm atmosphere with an average turnout.

FJP Says Unknown Parties Distributing Extremist Propaganda in Its Name in Cairo

Election campaign materials were distributed in the Dokki and Mohandseen districts of Cairo, with names and logos of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Nour party and the Wassat

Katatny Congratulates First Round Winners in Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Secretary General, Dr. Saad Katatny expressed his gratitude to the Egyptian people on their sophisticated performance in the first phase of the parliamentary elections.

Egypt is not Iran: Why the revolution won’t turn Egypt into an Islamist state

There is a palpable fear in the West that the ousting of Hosni Mubarak will undermine regional stability and usher in a governing coalition that has Islamist tendencies.

Experts: Brotherhood’s Participation in the People’s Parliament Ensure its Survival

Analysts, experts, politicians and parliamentarians welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the "People's Parliament", emphasizing that they are one of the basic guarantees, due to the group’s real political weight

Appeals Submitted to Courts by Candidates’ Lawyers Expose Rigged Parliament

Jurists demanded the invalidity of the current elected parliament, which was founded on violation of court orders amid the reluctance of the Higher Election Commission (HEC) to implement decisions to

Egyptian Opposition Divided?

An article in the Guardian cites that the final results of the recent Egyptian parliamentary ballots guarantee five years of political insignificance for the institutional opposition.