Egyptian Government


Human Rights Watchdog: Egyptian Government Blocked 497 Websites in Less Than a Year

The ‘Freedom of Thought and Expression Foundation’ has reaffirmed its rejection of any form of authority censorship imposed on freedom of expression, press freedom  and the internet freedom of access

Military Coup Regime Puts 45 Journalists, Media Professionals on Terrorist Lists

Egypt’s military coup regime has included 45 journalists and media outlets on terrorism lists since the July 3, 2013 coup. The Arab Media Freedom Monitor (AMFM) has tracked and identified

Judge Hisham Geneina: Least Government Corruption Ever Under President Morsi

According to ex-lawmaker Geneina, the legitimate President Morsi's brief term in office enjoyed the greatest degree of integrity and uprightness.

Muslim Brotherhood: Government Deserves Full Support, Advice Until House Forms New One

Asserting that new Cabinet will be assessed and judged by the Egyptian people, Brotherhood spokesman Arif urges all stakeholders to assist rather than oppose the new government, after Tuesday’s ministerial

Brotherhood’s Aref: ‘Together, We Build Egypt’ Achieves 77% of Targeted Community Programs

Having served Egyptian society for long decades with unique campaign, despite fierce resistance by ruling regimes, the Muslim Brotherhood announces details of successes and achievements of its latest societal support

Egypt Government Affirms Respect for Covenants on Labor Relations and Freedoms

Marking the International Workers’ Day, Egypt’s minister of Manpower and Emigration vows to improve labor laws, especially those relating to labor rights and freedoms.

Qandil: Egyptian-Chinese Agreement Real Beginning for Gulf of Suez Development

Egyptian PM Qandil announces that an Egyptian-Chinese deal signed Saturday is the good start point for serious development of the northwest region of the Suez province.

Economist Badr Al-Din Welcomes US Moves for $1 Billion Egypt Debt Relief

Freedom and Justice Party’s economy expert Ashraf Badr Al-Din is confident a possible U.S. deal to drop one billion dollars off Egypt’s approximately three billion dollar debt would help the

Freedom and Justice Party Views Regarding Egypt’s IMF Loan

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, issues a statement detailing its views regarding the International Monetary Fund loan to the Egyptian government.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Unprovoked Aggression Against Rafah Border-Guards

Egypt’s Brotherhood statement about the utterly ruthless and totally unjustifiable attack on Egyptian border-guards near Rafah crossing in the North of Sinai.