Egyptian Judges


Beltagy Family Statement Slams Military Junta’s Vindictive Trial of Revolution

The family of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy issues a statement saying the military generals are clearly trying the Revolution, represented in such symbols as Beltagy and his fellow detained

Statement by the Anti-Coup Alliance: Egypt Students Leading the Revolution

Egyptian students' patriotic peaceful action pierces the illusion of iron-grip military repression of Revolution and protesters.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Istiqlal Party Freeze Ruling Null and Void

Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup parties and groups issues a statement condemning the arrest and detention of Istiqlal Party leaders and the unlawful ruling to freeze the party's activities.

Anti-Mubarak Marches Chant Against Mubarak II (Sisi), Demand Retribution for Victims

As lopsided justice in Egypt gears up to issue its verdict in a major lawsuit against ousted president Mubarak, Egyptians turn out in huge marches to warn against acquitting him

Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence

Another junta-controlled mindless monkey court violates defendants' right of due process, sentencing Dr Beltagy to life in prison, without bothering to hear defense or witnesses.

Qutb Al-Arabi Congratulates Alaa Abdel-Fattah; Demands Freedom for All Political Detainees

Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood Leader Qutb Al-Arabi hails the release of political activists, including Alaa Abdel-Fattah, from junta jails, while 40,000 more remain behind bars.

Sanaa Beltagy: Steadfast Against Coup Despite Unjust Jail and Death Sentences

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy's wife affirms that families of detainees and martyrs, victims of the military junta, will continue the struggle against the coup.

Independence of the Judiciary Front: Politicized, Military Trials of Civilians Null and Void

Anti-coup judges' organization denounces intensely politicized trials of civilians in military courts, especially the latest trials of Construction and Development Party politicians and parliamentarians.

Egypt: 52 Children Tortured, Sexually Abused in Alexandria Prison

Rights organization Alkarama reports to the UN documented cases of 52 minors who now suffer torture, sexual assault and rape in only one of the many military junta jails and

Egypt VP Mahmoud Makki in Televised Interview Sunday, Draft Constitution Best for Egypt

Egyptian VP Makki assures judiciary there is nothing to worry about in President Morsi’s recent Constitutional Declaration, which will be completely cancelled after the new national charter is approved in