Egyptian Judiciary


Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Eyewitness Account of Aqrab Prison Atrocities

Shehab Center for Human Rights documents a true testimony given by Gehad Al-Haddad's wife, through Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr Essam Al-Haddad's wife, about the lawlessness and violations suffered by political

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Condemns Politicized Sentences Against Chairman Badie

The military court that issued rulings to execute a group of young honorable Egyptians on Sunday is the same that issued the unjust sentences today (Monday) to jail Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood: Death Sentences, Executions Will Not Intimidate Us

To the traitorous military coup’s judges complicit in the spilling of innocent revolutionaries’ blood… To those who sentenced to death seven young patriotic men in Kafr el-Sheikh… The patriotic youths

Rights Organization: Political Prisoner Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Suffers Slow Death in Coup Jail

Shehab Center for Human Rights warns that brutal coup regime practice of deliberately killing dissidents with methodical medical neglect is a heinous crime with no statute of limitations.

Aqrab Detainees Hunger-Strike Continues for Second Month

Political Prisoners at Aqrab Prison, Egypt's Guantanamo, start a second month of continuous hunger-strike in protest of brutal ill-treatment, torture and extreme humiliation used by junta authorities to punish all

Rights Organization Condemns Arrest of Egyptian Physician by Indian Authorities

Shehab Center for Human Rights calls on world community to support an Egyptian doctor arrested in India for deportation to Al-Sisi's brutal security apparatuses.

Rights Organizations Launch ‘Close Aqrab Prison’ Campaign

A number of human rights organizations join hands in a bid to use force of law to persuade the military-appointed ruling regime in Egypt to close Aqrab Prison, one of

Egypt Women Against the Coup Marks Women’s Day Highlighting Suffering Under Repressive Regime

Egypt's Women Against the Coup movement urges world rights organizations to stop the unprecedented persecution, degrading treatment and violence against women by military rule authorities in Egypt.

Rights Group Criticizes Sentences Against 26 Military Officers, Calls for Retrial

The International Association of Rights and Freedoms deplores sentences handed down against 26 military personnel and two civilians without trial or legal due process.

Egypt Junta Military Court Jails 500 Civilian Coup Opponents, 250 Life Sentences

A military court in Egypt metes out hundreds of severely exaggerated prison sentences against opponents of military rule, in a sham trial, on trumped-up politically-motivated charges.