Egyptian Judiciary


Muslim Brotherhood: Murder Rejected; Overthrowing Military Rule Will Stop Bloodshed

The negative developments in the Egyptian arena, most recently targeting the coup regime’s public prosecutor, are the responsibility of the criminal coup junta that set the scene for violence and

Press Statement by the Freedom and Justice Party Following the Final Verdict on the Execution

Today, June 16th 2015, the final verdict against the first democratically elected President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi was issued – condemning him to death, along with more than a hundred

Egyptian Lawmaker Mohamed Falahgy Dies in Detention

MP Mohamed Al-Falahgy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party, died in Gamasa prison in Egypt's Damietta province due to coup authorities ignoring his essential medical needs.

Trumped Up Cases Brought Against Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi

Brief details of 7 fabricated lawsuits the military junta regime in Egypt has brought against Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian to be democratically elected President.

Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: Reign of Terror Will End Soon

The broadbased nationwide coalition of anti-coup groups and parties in Egypt renews pledge to persist in peaceful protest until ultimate triumph.

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Rejects Calls to Arm Revolution

The nationwide coalition of anti-coup parties in Egypt vows continued commitment to chosen strategy of peaceful defiance in the face of fascist military oppression.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Official Source: Still Committed to Peacefulness, Reject Violence

Egypt's broadbased pro-legitimacy coalition reiterates commitment to non-violence and accuses the ruling military junta of causing security chaos.

Independence of the Judiciary Front Supports Human Rights Watch International Investigation

Anti-coup judges' organization affirms popular revolutionary trials for all those involved in August 14, 2013 military massacres that killed over 3300 unarmed protesters.