Egyptian Judiciary


Katatni Hails Judiciary Decision to Supervise Referendum on Draft Constitution

Freedom and Justice Party Chief Katatni welcomes Egyptian judiciary’s decision to supervise the country’s popular referendum on the new national charter, and reaches out to all opposition parties for real

Brotherhood Lawyer: State Council Judges to Stand Against Halting Constitution-Writing Process

Abdel-Maksoud believes there is well-planned, subversive scheme to disrupt the constitution-writing process and halt its progress to fruition.

Presidential Statement Affirms Respect for Constitution, Judiciary and Judges

Cairo – Wednesday, July 11, 2012: Translation of the Presidential statement which stresses that the president's decree to reinstate Parliament, overruling the military council’s earlier order to dissolve it, was

Al-Shater, After Disqualification Decision: What Matters is Freedom, the Revolution

Following the announcement of Egypt’s elections council of his disqualification from the presidential race, front-runner Al-Shater says what really is of importance now is to protect freedoms and the revolution

Al-Shater Urges Egypt’s Stakeholders to Discuss Solution for Constituent Assembly Deadlock

Al-Shater: I call upon all political actors to start national dialogue, in order to end the impasse with regard to the committee entrusted with drawing up Egypt’s new national charter,

Mukhtar Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Support Judiciary Bill in Parliament

Egypt’s newly-elected parliamentary majority party, the Freedom and Justice, is to study and propose important draft laws, while Ashri allays concerns that the party’s legal team is to merge judicial

Egyptian Judiciary Refutes Constituent Assembly Invalidity Claims

Dr. Farid Ismail reiterates that the Freedom and Justice Party seeks to involve everyone in the drafting of the country’s first post-revolution Constitution.

Abdel-Maksoud: Muslim Brotherhood Has Constitutional, Judicial and Popular Legitimacy

Brotherhood lawyer explains that the MB is in fact legal Since 1928, has never been officially dissolved by any legally binding final court decision, resolution or judgment; and that it

Katatni, McCain Discuss Egypt-US Relations

U.S. Senator McCain meets with Dr. Katatni, in Cairo, to resolve NGO foreign funding crisis that threatens mutual relations; says “Cutting aid would not help”.

British Parliament to Question Cameron on Egypt’s Former Regime Fugitives in UK

Egypt's head of the Popular Initiative to Recover Egypt's Looted Money, Saad Moataz Salah El Deen, stated that British MP Andy Slaughter will submit a report on Tuesday regarding the