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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Beltagy Accused of Shouting Out Loud

Egypt prosecutor tells leading member of the Brotherhood that he is charged with the crime of "shouting out loud in a way that causes sedition"!

Ashri: President Morsi Reinstates Parliament, Siding with Popular Will and Rule of Law

Graceful Morsi move brings back dissolved parliament, rescinding military council’s decree to disband the first freely and fairly elected parliament in long decades of Egypt’s history, following parliamentary elections which

Katatni: Pressures Failed to Extend Emergency Law

Although the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) did not formally ask Egyptian parliament to extend the notorious Emergency Law – brutally imposed for 31-years in Egypt –

Abdel-Maksoud: Muslim Brotherhood Has Constitutional, Judicial and Popular Legitimacy

Brotherhood lawyer explains that the MB is in fact legal Since 1928, has never been officially dissolved by any legally binding final court decision, resolution or judgment; and that it

The Brother Leader, By The Majalla

Liberals view him as an uncompromising religious conservative and even within the Muslim Brotherhood some doubt his ability to lead. Will Mohamed Badie succeed in uniting the Muslim Brotherhood and

Abu Baraka: Outlawed National Democractic Party Blocked Anti-Torture Laws in Parliament

Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka, the Freedom and Justice Party’s legal adviser, expressed regret at the sentence passed by the Alexandria Criminal Court - headed by Justice Moussa al-Nahrawy – today

MB concludes 2 day conference; chooses party leader

Following a two day conference the Muslim Brotherhood's Shura council revealed decisions made in their first historical meeting in 16 years.

Egyptian official: New Anti-terrorism Law Postponed until Further Notice and Emergency Law Sufficient

A government official has revealed that the government intends to postpone the adoption of the draft anti-terrorism law for a non-specific period, although the law was originally listed in President

Politicians Describe PA Speakers’ Warnings as Threat to Democracy

A number of politicians and lawyers condemned the statements of the head of parliament, Dr. Fathy Sorour, in which he said about the “parallel parliament”: “I am worried for them,

Egyptian Court Orders Prosecutor not to Label the MB as a Banned Group

Egypt's Emergency State Security Court, which was considering the 'Muslim Brotherhood International Organization case yesterday, has witnessed a hot debate between the president of the court, Judge Mahmoud Sami, and