Egyptian MB


Muslim Brotherhood starts own social networking site

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's influential Islamist opposition movement, will launch its own social networking site next month to promote moderate Islam, an official said on Wednesday.

MB chairman meets with Ghad Party leader to discuss political reform

Dr. Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood's chairman met with Al Ghad's party leader Dr. Ayman Nour in his office Tuesday

MB in Egypt refute allegations of affiliation with Nigeria’s so called Muslim Brotherhood

Stories were published today and posted online stirring up and stimulating important intellectual and political discourse among Islamists and in particular the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who found themselves part

Erian: Brotherhood will run in all elections

One more item from yesterday's Muslim Brotherhood hearing in Heliopolis: According to El-Shorouk, Essam el-Erian promised that the Brotherhood will participate in all coming elections.

When Islamists Go into Politics

Islamist parties and movements in Arab countries have gained great political importance by making the strategic choice to participate in the legal political process and to acknowledge the legitimacy of

Survival is not enough

For the first time since it was founded 80 years ago the Egyptian MB became embroiled in a dispute over the election of a new supreme guide.

US Embassy conducts survey to determine Egypt’s political powers’ influence

"The United States Embassy in Cairo is preparing to conduct a comprehensive survey which includes a large number of academic intellectuals, Political Science Professors and Social Activists.

Postponement: November 5 scheduled for Khayrat el-Shater and his companions appeals.

Once again prosecutors postponed the hearing of Eng. Khayrat el-Shater and his companions' appeals. A later date November 5 was scheduled demonstrating yet further injustices to the movement's deputy vice.

Egypt: Ruling party conference ends with Brotherhood attacks

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) ended its 6th annual three-day conference in Cairo on Monday, with a series of bashings at the Muslim Brotherhood. The conference, which had run

Egypt’s Brotherhood is knocking

Reporting from Cairo - He doesn't seem a radical or a troublemaker, but to the Egyptian government, Abdel Fattah Rizk, a surgeon with a graying mustache and hands pink from